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Are you ready for a partner in your major gift work that can

give you weekly actionable advice
brainstorm new strategic ideas

offer time-saving tricks and templates

help you secure 6 and 7-figure gifts


Allowing you to have MORE time in your schedule. Say whaat?!

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Sounds dreamy, right?

Well, if so, you need a major gift coach who can help you identify prospects, cultivate with best practice and close major gifts!

Some consultants will try to capitalize on your fear of asking for major gifts by trying to sell you programs and courses that tell you don’t have to ask.

That the “gift will come in without even asking.”

What nonsense!

This is NOT a major gift strategy.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are a thousand consultants out there that will teach you how to make the ask, but fundraising, specifically major gift work, is a lot more than that one solicitation meeting. You might end up a whiz at asking, but no one has shown you how to get in the door, how to cultivate with sophistication, or how to know when the time is right to ask.


Over the last decade, I’ve coached major gift officers on tried-and-true portfolio management, donor qualification, cultivation techniques, solicitation tactics, and stewardship efforts. My clients have close 6- and 7-figure gifts (and they asked for the gift, like a sophisticated fundraiser).

Meet Your Major Gift Coach

Your new go-to bestie for all your fundraising needs! With 20+ years of major gift expertise and a track record of raising hundreds of millions of dollars, I'm here to provide you with actionable advice, valuable resources, and a friendly voice whenever you need support. 

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Major Gift Coaching in 3 Easy Steps!

 As your Major Gifts coach, we’ll meet twice monthly for one power-packed hour. We’ll talk through prospects, calibrate on next steps you can take, discuss the appropriate ask amount, and so much more! I will give you actionable next steps with prospects that you can work on until we meet again.

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Once you submit your application of interest, we will review each applicant. 

Setup A Discovery Call

During our discovery call, we will walk through everything you can expect during our coaching sessions, set goals, and plan your strategy.

Get To Work!

After each session, you will have a personalized, actionable game plan that you can implement right away!

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Here’s a sneak peek of how we’ll spend our time together: 

  • We’ll build and/or review your current major gift portfolio and make sure that you are pursuing the right prospects. We want to make sure your portfolio has the right prospects with the right composition.
  • We will talk through how to gracefully and easily get “in the door” with your prospects and make a meaningful and lasting first impression.
  • We’ll discuss specific tactics to deepen the relationship through strategic cultivation “moves.” 
  • We will talk through how to handle difficult or upset donors and work to keep the relationship intact.
  • We’ll strategize the right ask amount, the right program, and the right time to make an ask of every prospect in your portfolio.
  • We will devise a moves management strategy for each of your major gift prospects so you have a goal to work toward.
  • We’ll role play your solicitations so you know exactly how to handle any objections that might come up during solicitation.
  • We’ll brainstorm creative ways to steward and thank your major donors after you’ve closed the gift.
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Enrollment Is Now Open for Major Gift Coaching—Only 4 spots left!

We can only accept 10 clients at a time to offer premium coaching services, so click on the button below to fill out your application. Open spaces are snatched up quickly!

With your new major gift coach, you are going to learn all the ins and outs of fundraising for large gifts. This isn’t a book, and this isn’t a series of online courses for you to watch. This is a group training, in real-time, that will help you move your prospects toward major gifts and raise more money for your nonprofit TODAY.

You can turn the knowledge that we give you into hundreds of thousands of dollars!

We offer month-to-month group coaching sessions that allow you to bring your executive director or other gift officers into the coaching calls!

Major Gift Coaching

  • Two 60-minute meetings each month with Mary so we can stay on top of your major gift progress
  • Complimentary access to the Nonprofit Collective suite of monthly courses, templates, checklists, and resource library
  • Access to a private community where you can connect with your peers who are on similar journeys
  •  Voxer check-ins to share and celebrate quick-wins and ask urgent questions
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Still on the fence? Read what Lindsay has to say about her coaching experience: 

I can sing the praises of Mary Hackett for days. She leads with her heart for the work. Mary's calm amidst the storm, that sometimes is the world of development, is incredible. She has been on the front lines in several not-for-profits. She's seen and done it all. 

 Her steady, thoughtful strategy will move you forward and beyond. If you are looking to get optimum performance with the team members you have by creating scalable plans, Mary makes it happen. Mary's ability to ask all the right questions to understand your starting point and overall goals for supporting your organization is one of her strengths. She has definitely instilled in me to think and plan bigger.

 If you are looking for a well-rounded, creative and smart coach, Mary is your choice."

Imagine one year from today when you are crushing your fundraising goals, building deep relationships with prospects, and creating a huge impact through your nonprofit’s mission. It is possible…with coaching!

 I’m excited to be your partner in major gifts!

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