How Your Infrastructure Can Make or Break Your Fundraising Efforts

In this episode, Mary discusses the importance of fundraising operations and how it can make or break a fundraising program. She outlines six pillars of strong fundraising operations, including strong technology and systems management, enhancing the donor experience, supporting fundraising efforts, data-driven reports and analytics, building collegial partnerships, and standard operating procedures. Mary emphasizes the need for fundraising operations professionals to prioritize supporting fundraisers and highlights the importance of proactive gift entry and communication between different departments.


07:32 Fundraising Operations Pillar 1: Strong Technology and Systems Management
09:13 Fundraising Operations Pillar 2: Enhancing the Donor Experience
10:09 Fundraising Operations Pillar 3: Supporting Fundraising Efforts
12:43 Fundraising Operations Pillar 4: Data-Driven Reports and Analytics
20:12 Fundraising Operations Pillar 5: Building Collegial Partnerships
22:54 Fundraising Operations Pillar 6: Standard Operating Procedures

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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